What Is Trexup?

Trexup stands for “Türkiye Export up” and it is an e-export company that aims to increase Türkiye’s export with ‘its own brands’. Trexup has been founded with the purpose of the brands in Türkiye getting into international markets and taking part in them achieving worldwide success.

Trexup provides services with its expert staff in order to increase Türkiye’s export, expand the country’s economy and help Turkish brands get recognized on an international level.


Trexup Works in 4 Working Models:

  1. We Obtain the Foreign Sales Rights of your Brand
  2. We Take on the Foreign Sales of your Brand
  3. We Buy Your Brand
  4. We Realize E-Export by Creating a New Brand Together


You do not have to pay any consultancy or fixed fee for these services.

Trexup, Trexup works with two main focuses:

  1. Branding
  2. Sales


Trexup has a team that is specialized in both of these topics. It prefers selling ‘branded products’ rather than selling products. ‘satış’ Trexup has an experienced and export team that is focused on making ‘sales’ on global online sales channels and that knows about focused sale extremely well.

Trexup, which possesses the sales rights of various brands, ensure that brands get into international markets without the need for markets to build their own infrastructures. This way, while companies benefit from Trexup’s expertise in global sales and marketing, they can also focus on their main activities.

Trexup offers a centralized platform to manage the needs of the brands with its partners that are specialized in the topics other than those two.

Why Trexup?

Expert Team

With a team that is specialized in their own field and the relevant market, speaks different languages and has experience, it lowers the sales costs and offers a much more advantageous model compared to the cost of creating a team.

Brand Selection

It chooses the brands in Türkiye that have a high export potential and that can succeed in foreign markets, and the right products of these brands and it determines the right markets for the aforementioned. 

Market Selection

It ensures that the products and brands that are selected with its strong research infrastructure are in the right country, right marketplace and right platforms. It analyses the demand and competition conditions in the target markets. This analysis provides information about into which markets the brand will get and which strategies to follow.


It helps the products and brands to be positioned in the selected marketplace and platforms, to outline the long-term goals and direction of the product and the brand in the relevant market and platform, and with these goals to conform with customer needs and market trends.

Process Management with National and International Partner and Cooperation

It takes part in the establishment of all cooperations, partnerships and strategic relationships with all solution partners at home and abroad in order to achieve shared goals and maximum benefit. It ensures smooth process management so that the international strategic partnerships and their processes are planned, designed, conducted, monitored, checked and optimized.


Working Models

They are based on obtaining of the foreign sales rights of the brands in Türkiye and the possession of the sales rights in the country or countries that are determined to ensure that the brands manufactured in Türkiye get into international markets. This working model helps the brands in Türkiye to get into the foreign markets more easily and with less costs.

A cooperation is conducted between TrexUp and the Brand for the sales of a brand in Türkiye based on the foreign affiliate marketing model, and the products are offered in their own brand accounts in the determined country to the customers on its behalf. This model aims the brands in Türkiye to be recognized more worldwide and to increase their sales. TrexUp and the brand share the income from the sales based on the predetermined rates.

In the White Label working model, the parties determine a product which has a potential demand in the target market, and they conduct all of the processes in cooperation in order to ensure that the product is rebranded in line with the expectations of the target market and is marketed effectively under a different brand name. While the supply and manufacturing processes of the product are conducted by the brand, TrexUp works actively for the integration of this newly created brand into the market.

Trexup, which allows brands to get into foreign markets with its cooperations, also has private brands that it has branded itself. In the activities carried out in this model, TrexUp has a more active role not only in getting the products into foreign markets, but also in the development and customization of the products. This way, TrexUp appeals to the peculiar preferences of different brands while it increases its experience in the market and also is able to establish stronger relationships with the solution partners and marketplaces abroad.



Market Places

Trexup actively operates in 2 main marketplaces.

Trexup Academy

Guaranteed Employment E-Export Applied Training Program

This program offers the participants job guarantee at the end of a certain training/practice/application process. Participants who complete the program with success get the opportunity to make business contacts with leading companies in the export industry. The program has been designed for those who wish to work as an ‘e-export specialist’ as a new career opportunity.